#MH370, the Truth

The truth about MH370.

Plane isn’t in the south Indian Ocean

At least, they haven’t found it in the Bluefin area. So the matter is, it’s still gone missing and no one has a damn clue.

Underwater search
The Bluefin-underwater search has been done for 10 times right now. Nothing has been found yet, over 80% has been searched.

The plane has been lost for…
The plane has been lost for over 46 days right now. Which marks the spot, that the relatives can sue Boeing and Malaysia Airlines through the US court.

Plane is believed to have crashed in the Indian Ocean
This is confirmed by the Australian PM. Malaysian officials are saying that it’s most likely.
The black boxes haven’t been found up to now. The same goes with the debris, there isn’t any.

All communication with the plane has been disabled
This has been confirmed by Malaysian officials. The transponder has been shut down, whilst the MH370 was flying at a cruising altitude of 35.000 feet. The ACARS have been disabled. They’ve ‘tracked’ the plane through electronic handshakes with Inmarsat satellites. Those ‘handshakes’ are far from precise. That’s why there’s no precise location of the ‘crash’.

Plane flew from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing
The plane’s original flightplan was from Kuala Lumpur towards Beijing, the plane never arrived at Beijing. We know that it took of from Kuala Lumpur at 00:41 (GMT+8) on March the 8th. It lost contact at around 01:30 (GMT+8) on March the 8th, this was over the Gulf of Thailand. Ever since the plane has been lost.

Where could it be?
Now, that’s a question. It seems like the officials don’t have a fucking clue. They’ve searched in the Gulf of Thailand, the South Chinese Sea, the Strait of Malacca, the Northern Indian Ocean.. They found, nothing. Well, they found a lot of trash though. Right now the search area is focussing on the Southern Indian Ocean, in an area about 1400 miles to the North-North-West of Perth, Australia.
It seems like a Chinese vessel, the Hai Xun 01, has picked up some pings from the bottom of the ocean. So far, no luck in finding anything.
According to the Australian officials, there’s ‘good hope’ that those pings are from the black boxes of MH370.

The Black Boxes
The batteries in the black boxes seem to last for 30 days, yet according to various tests, the batteries could last for up to 35 days. Personally, my views are, the batteries last for 30 days and after those 30 days, the signal gets weaker and weaker, untill it’s completely dead.
On a sidenote: Those pings will only turn into effect if the plane crashed into water.

All in all, there are a lot of questions.. No answers as of yet.

I’ll keep you posted once there’s more. Right now, we don’t know jack.

– Bruce

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